Volunteer and/or Microwaves needed at First Place

FIRST PLACE has been blessed to have residents all during the summer months.  Just recently it became vacant giving volunteers an opportunity to do some reorganizing and deep cleaning.  We are now hoping that our agency partners will receive incoming refugees or asylum seekers who need temporary housing through FIRST PLACE.

In the two years since it was opened on February 1, 2017, FIRST PLACE has provided temporary housing for 48 individuals, including single men and family groups.  We have touched refugees or asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uganda, the Congo, Bhutan, Guinea and Eritrea.  We have also helped immigrants from China and Cuba.  FIRST PLACE is a refuge for people in need.

NEEDED: Volunteers to work with Ismail, a former FIRST PLACE resident, with driving road practice and PA traffic and rules of the road. Ismail had a drivers license in his home country.  Ismail can meet volunteers in this area for the practice sessions.

ALSO NEEDED: Two microwave ovens – one for Ismail and one for the FIRST PLACE kitchen.

Thank you for caring about refugees and asylum seekers.  It is a particularly hard time for them throughout our world.  Each person who has lived at FIRST PLACE has so appreciated the love and support they have received.  Many of the relationships continue after the people move into permanent housing.


Joanne Poorman

First Place Coordination Team member