The Welcome Church announces the Welcome Art program

The Welcome Church is excited to share that together with the endorsement of the application by Ardmore Presbyterian Church, The Welcome Church has received a Covenant Grant from the Presbytery of Philadelphia, to support all of the ways we use art within The Welcome Church and our new “Welcome Art“ program.  Welcome Art will engage people who are experiencing homelessness, people who were homeless, now living in permanent housing, and people who have never been homeless but find themselves with interests, gifts, and/or needs in the arts.  Art functions within The Welcome Church both as a source of healing for people whose lives involve physical struggle and a means of sharing incredible gifts and talents.  In the midst of COVID-19, we see art among our artists and want to expand opportunities to share art and communication.  We look forward to sharing in opportunities to host art shows or hold art classes led by members of The Welcome Church, meeting people in the fullness of their gifts, through engagement with a variety of area churches!