Summer Sunday School in the Garden

Summer Sunday School in the Garden
     Calling all kids! Our summer Sunday school will be held in the James K. Young Garden in back of the Parish House. We will be planting a butterfly garden, raising butterflies and doing lots of fun activities. We will also be learning about God’s creation and the role we play in caring for the world.
     You can come join us (all ages welcome) every Sunday in the summer. We will meet in the sanctuary and go together to the garden during the service. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes or you can wear garden-friendly attire.
Our garden Sunday school begins this Sunday, June 9th! Please be sure to mark your calendars for our kick-off Sunday.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who will lead the children out of the service?
Anna Poorman, Sherina Poorman or Holly Vicki will lead the children out after the children’s moment- we will carry a large flower sign on a stick so the kids can find us.
How should they be picked up?
Please pick them up in the garden after the service is over so we can show you our beautiful butterflies and blooming plants 🙂
What will happen on rainy days?
We will go into the upstairs Sunday school rooms near the garden and work on garden related projects and ideas.
What should they wear?
Summer church clothes are fine or they can bring a change of clothes. We will bring aprons and large t-shirts as cover-ups. We will also have select sizes of children’s rubber boots.
What types of activities will they be doing? 
We will be weeding and planting seeds, creating butterfly habitats, watching the butterflies develop and releasing them. There will also be a kid-led worship service where we will explore our connection with God and the natural world.
How can parents be involved?
Parents can always join us any Sunday in the garden. We will also provide materials so kids can develop their own gardens at home as well as devotional materials to develop their relationship with God and his creation.
If you have any other questions please contact Sherina at or Holly Vicki at see you in the garden!