Starting June 3, the parking lot across from APC will be accessible only from Montgomery Ave.

Kimco (owner of Suburban Square) is continuing to install raised crosswalks near its property.  Starting next week (June 3), Anderson Avenue will be reduced to one-way traffic northbound as installation begins on the west side of the street.

For the next 6 weeks, access to the Ruby’s Lot (West Lot) will not be available from Anderson Avenue, only from Montgomery Avenue.  Westbound traffic on Coulter Avenue will have to turn right onto Anderson Avenue.  The west side sidewalk along Anderson Avenue will be closed.  Pedestrian access across Anderson will be available near Ruby’s.  Users of the commuter lot should take note of limited crossing opportunities to get to the train station.

For the following 6 weeks, starting sometime in July and continuing into probably the third week in August, the work will be performed on the east side of Anderson Avenue.  Traffic will continue to be one-way northbound only.   Westbound traffic on Coulter Avenue will be blocked from the St. James intersection – except for delivery vehicles, no shopper parking along Coulter west of St. James.  The east side sidewalk along Anderson Avenue will be closed.   How pedestrian commuter traffic will be directed remains to be seen.

The ultimate goal is increased pedestrian safety at this very dangerous and chaotic intersection.  The work will include the installation of a “hawk beacon”   (flashing yellow light like the ones on Lancaster Avenue near the former Ardmore movie theater and in Bryn Mawr at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute).