“Soles for Souls!” Sanctuary Village Fundraiser

Sanctuary Village is having a fundraiser, which involves the collection of new or gently used shoes. We are calling the fundraiser “Soles for Souls!” This fundraiser benefits our building a community of Tiny Houses in Philadelphia for people who are experiencing chronic street homelessness.

There will be a container to collect shoes (new or gently used), in the church office. If the container is getting filled, Schaunel Steinnagel will take the shoes and bag them up for collection/storage, so that more shoes can be donated! The collection will run approximately through August and September.

Sanctuary Village will be paid by the pound for the shoes collected. The shoes will be shipped abroad to be sold by small business owners to provide earnings for them as well as affordable shoes for their customers. This is a win-win-win opportunity as it helps Sanctuary Village, these vendors, and the planet by not having unwanted shoes end up in landfills.

Thank you very much!

Any questions, contact Rev. Schaunel Steinnagel, RVschaunel@aol.com, 302-463-0542.