Service Opportunities

Service opportunities coming up in the near future.  Both of these events are not dependent on you being present on a particular day.  Please consider helping APC support these causes.

January 20th we are having an animal meal packing event at the Parish House from 6-7:30 p.m..  These are items we need for the event:

1)  Dry dog and cat food (any brand is great, we just ask that it is unopened, unexpired and not prescription)

2)  Gallon sized Zip Lock Freezer bags (for dog food)

3)  Quart sized Zip Lock bags (for cat food)

4)  Scoopers or plastic cups to scoop food into the Zip Lock bags

5)  Several Sharpie markers to label the zip lock bags (Brand, date, dog/cat food)

6)  A work surface such as a long table to create an assembly line of labelers, scoopers and bag sealers

7)  Some kind of boxes or bags to load the packed food into so we can deliver it to our barn for storage and order fulfillment

February 3rd – Souper Bowl of Caring

  1. This is a food drive where we will collect non-perishable foods and canned goods to donate to the local food pantry.
  2. Please bring food with you to Youth Group or to Church prior to February 3rd.  I hope we will all gather to watch the super bowl at someone’s house this year. If you are interested in hosting please let me know. Thanks.