Season Ends for APC’s Softball Team

The “Presbyterian Power” softball team completed its season and although we finished with a 2-7 record, we played competitively in most all our games, including in our marathon double-header finale on June 30th. On that Sunday we played two playoff-bound contenders tough, losing to Covenant Presbyterian 17-10 and to the Apostles 28-19. Our 19 runs in the final game was our season high, featuring four home runs hit into the right field trees by Garth Poorman.
This is the sixth season for APC’s softball team, and the third in which we’ve joined forces with Phoenixville Presbyterian to form “Presbyterian Power.” Over the season about 20 different players participated, with the line-up changing from week-to-week based upon availability. The Upper Main Line Church Softball League has been in existence for decades, and models itself on Christian fellowship, with prayer before the game, self-umpiring, and no arguments. (True! All disputed calls are resolved by a conversation between the managers). We’ve enjoyed the friendly, supportive atmosphere and look forward to playing together again next season.
This Sunday the playoffs will determine the league champion. Although our team didn’t make the playoffs, after the game our pitcher, George Cockerill, will be presented with the first annual Sturgis Poorman Fellowship Award, given to the player “who best exemplifies the values of our league, who leads by example in demonstrating Christian values and sportsmanship.” A donation in George’s name will be given to Welcoming the Stranger, the ministry that Sturge helped create. George is a veteran player, having played with Sturge in the ‘90s when Sturge was Phoenixville’s pastor.
Thank you to all our players who found time on Sunday afternoons to complete our 10-player roster. Special thanks go to Keith Telesca, our field manager, who kept track of the line-up while playing a mean shortstop.
– Don Poorman
Players from APC: Jim Coath, Gerry Gaugler, Graham McComiskie, Jeff Michaelson, Anna Poorman, Don Poorman, Keith Stewart, Keith Telesca, Jeff Vicki and Chuck Whinney.
The final league standings can be found here: