“PLAY BALL” – APC’s Presbyterian Power Softball Team’s 2019 season

The Times They Are A Changing for APC’s Presbyterian Power Co-Ed Softball Team. Despite last year’s failure to make the playoffs, tweets were 10 to 1 in favor of keeping me as General Manager. You might remember last year’s 1 win, 5 loss, 3 rain-out record that couldn’t even be saved by a Bridge Over Troubled Water. Positive tweets aside, a Higher Power thought differently, and I found myself Homeward Bound during the off-season.

So, Wake Up Little Susie, you too Cecilia and Mrs. Robinson, as Don Poorman takes the reins of the Presbyterian Power Squad. When interviewed in early March, Don was ecstatic with the line-up but that was before the Session told him we were $330 million short of obtaining, Bryce Harper. No worries, we still have the core of last year’s team plus any of you who would like to play this year. See Don if are interested.

Softball analytics predict no Sounds of Silence from Presbyterian Power bats in the upcoming year. If you cannot play, you can still come and cheer the team on to victory. First Game is April 14th at 720 First Ave., Berwyn.

Go Tell It on A MountainPresbyterian Power will prevail.

With apologies to our dear Sturgis, John Abrams