Mask Lanyard Preschool Fundraiser

With the current state of the pandemic, it looks like mask wearing will be a thing for a while. Treat your mask to it’s perfect companion; a mask lanyard!

These lanyards are handmade by Naomi’s mother (Lydia) and can even be personalized! There are a variety of colors to choose from for both kids and adults. A perfect stocking stuffer with the holiday season right around the corner! And the best part: 100% of the net proceeds will go to APWPS!!

Click on photo to see options:

To place an order, please send an email to and be sure to include quantities, colors, and personalization details (if wanted). The last day to order is Wednesday, Nov 25. Payment can be made via cash or check (made to APWPS) at Dropoff or via Venmo to @Lydia-Shon (please write Lanyard Fundraiser in the memo). We are extremely grateful to Lydia for her time and efforts in supporting our beloved preschool, and are thankful for the support of our families during this difficult time!

PS: To add my own anecdotal experience with mask lanyards, I absolutely view them as necessary for my kiddos in school and during outings.  Keeping masks clean is part of keeping ourselves safe. When they take their masks off, they no longer have to put them in pockets, handle them with their hands, or place them in dirty bags or on filthy surfaces.  My kids are constantly snacking, so masks are always coming on and off or up and down. I LOVE mine as well for walks, grocery shopping, school pick ups, etc.!                                                     -Preschool Parent