Lenten Activity for All – Create a Lenten Devotional Bag

Lenten Devotional Bag – Created by Anne Foote

During the season of Lent, families and individuals are encouraged to create a Lenten Devotional Bag (or any container) to draw us together spiritually in this time of living apart from our church community. Follow these easy guidelines for a meaningful experience:

  1. Cut out the words supplied and place them in a bag or container. Children may enjoy decorating the container.
  2. During Lent, take a few minutes each day to pull out a slip of paper to discuss and reflect on the word you selected. What images come to your mind? How does this word relate to your life? Discuss and share your thoughts and feelings.
  3. With these words be “poets,” and write cinquains. A cinquain (sin-cane) is a poetry form with a special style and formula. The five line formula is as follows:

Line 1: One word title (noun)
Line 2: Two words describing the title (adjectives)
Line 3: Three action words (verbs) or a phrase referring to the title
Line 4: Four words describing feelings (can be a sentence or phrase)
Line 5: One word giving title a different name (synonym)

God’s Son
Loves all people
Died for us all

New Life
God’s victory dance
Life, love, joy, hope

Please submit as many cinquains as you can and email them to kwaterson@ardmorepres.org. We hope to share them with the congregation.

Thank you for your participation, and blessings.