Jazz Sanctuary-Nov. 10th, 4-6pm, Fundraiser for First Place

 Jazz Sanctuary

Sunday, November 10

4:00 PM- 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall

Light refreshments

A free will offering will be received – All are welcome!

First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore (or Ardmore Presbyterian Church) leases and manages a home in Ardmore providing a temporary residence for refugees and asylum seekers when first arriving in the United States.  Our mission is to “welcome the stranger” particularly those escaping violence, persecution and intolerable conditions anywhere in the world.  FIRST PLACE provides our guests a place to get established and stay in a comfortable and supportive environment while seeking more permanent housing.

In the two years since it was opened on February 1, 2017, FIRST PLACE has provided temporary housing for 48 individuals, including single men and family groups.   We have touched refugees or asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Ecuador, Guatemala, Uganda, the Congo, Bhutan, Guinea, and Eritrea. We have also helped immigrants from China and Cuba.  Inspite of severe restrictions on refugees, we work closely with HIAS, NSC, and other agencies that support immigrants. Our home continually acts as a refuge.

FIRST PLACE is supported by Ardmore Presbyterian Church, by the Philadelphia Presbytery, numerous other churches and faith communities in the local area, as well as many individuals and volunteers.  Enjoy an afternoon of entertaining music, fellowship, fun, and help to support FIRST PLACE.