HEARTFELT THANKS! Ardmore Food Pantry Update!


Most importantly a heartfelt thanks to all in the APC family who have continued to support our neighborhood food pantry over the summer months with financial donations, needed items for filling the prepared bags, handled paper and plastic grocery bags, gift cards and your prayers.  Please keep up the good work!  Donations were also received from local farmers, Trader Joe’s and Lower Merion and Haverford Townships.

On August 24th 83 bags were distributed and on the highest summer distribution day 104 bags were distributed – that takes a lot of food items and a lot of volunteer hours!!  Pre-packed bags of staple food items are given weekly to each family along with protein items like eggs, hot dogs, chicken, shelf-stable milk and more as well as essential items such as bathing soap, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Statistics show the AFP has fed 48% more guests in 2020 than in previous summers.  Unemployment and isolation related to the corona virus have had a huge impact on our local families.

Currently the AFP is well stocked with staple food items and they are looking ahead to Thanksgiving.  In the past bags of items needed to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal along with a $10 gift card (to purchase a turkey or ham) have been given or delivered to neighbors in need.  This year due to COVID restrictions it has been decided to skip the bags and provide each AFP guest with a $25 gift card as a way to help them with their purchase of Thanksgiving meal items. (Gift cards will be distributed to guests on November 16th.)  We ask for your help in securing these gift cards.  The goal is to have 150 gift cards by November 13th.  These can be purchased from Acme, Giant, or Trader Joe’s and delivered to the offices of Ardmore Presbyterian or St. Mary’s Episcopal Church (at St. Mary’s cards can be put in an envelope and slipped through the mail slot) or cards can be sent via mail to APC or St. Mary’s.

Ardmore Presbyterian Church                                            St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

5 West Montgomery Avenue                                              36 Ardmore Avenue

Ardmore, PA 19003                                                           Ardmore, PA 19003

If you have questions, feel free to contact Joanne Poorman at 610-525-5023.  Please leave a message if I am not at home and I will return your call.  Our partnership with the Ardmore Food Pantry has been a blessing to those of us who volunteer and to each of the families who has had this crucial blessing in their lives.