“Christianity: an Evidence-based Faith” Sunday School Class

Announcing New for 2021,
A 4-week Sunday AM Class led by Ben Yurchak entitled:
Christianity: an Evidence-based Faith”

Have you ever wondered how God fits into a modern understanding of how our world was formed and how life began? For a while, it has been either a ‘Creation Theory’ or a ‘Random Accident Theory.’ The popular impression is that science has been disproving God—but is this really the case? Recent scientific discoveries in physics, biology, and paleontology are building a surprising and powerful case for an intelligent creator of the universe. This class will focus on scientific evidence and include consideration of biblical evidence and evidence from different primitive cultural traditions concerning the formation of a universe that was permissive to life, the origin of life, and the evolution of current life forms. No scientific background required! The class began on Sunday, September 19, at 9:00 a.m. and will continue through October 10 in the Mill Creek Room (with masks required) or via Zoom using the link for the Adult Sunday Class. We hope you will join us!