An Update from the Safety Task Force

The Safety Task Force, formed 9 months ago, continues to meet on a weekly basis to review the latest data from Montgomery County on the number of positive cases of Covid-19, which has been a determining factor in our recommendation to remain closed to in-person worship. Our recommendations are sent to the Session for final decision on the use of the building. We are beginning to see the positivity rate decline, and our hope is that we will be able to return to worship in the sanctuary around the beginning of Lent on February 21. We also discuss the preschool program, which is operating on a restricted basis timewise, in class size and in terms of the use of indoor space. Other programs discussed are choirs and Youth Group, staff in the building, and maintenance of the cleaning program to ensure compliance with CDC guidelines. We are aware of the difficulties with the rollout of the vaccines and the need for patience to continue following the protocols we have put in place. Our primary concern is the safety of anyone in the church building.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact any one of us.

Michelle Butera, Elaine Giese, Bob Peters, Don Poorman, Viola Terwiesch, & Rev. Jason Grimes