2020 Offering of Letters

On Sunday, June 14, even as we continue to worship virtually, from Ardmore Presbyterian Church, we are invited to participate in a 2020 Offering of Letters, in order to help fight hunger.  The topic of the Offering of Letters, as suggested by Bread for the World, for this year, is nutrition, both global nutrition, and attention to those experiencing hunger in the United States.

While the topic of nutrition was originally selected in order to maximize the strength of the impact that Congress can make in fighting hunger in 2020, the topic continues to make a lot of sense, in the context of the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus is a hunger issue!  The economic fallout from the pandemic will cause hunger to become more widespread in the US and worldwide.  Those already experiencing poverty and hunger will be hit hardest.  Across the US and the world far too many people, especially children, go without food.  As the global calamity continues to unfold, the need for individuals in the US and abroad to have access to nutritious food will be greater than ever.

Please write a letter to help fight hunger, domestically!  You will be given an opportunity to join in this activity during worship on Sunday, June 14, or please take action ASAP!

Here is what you can do (both in conversation with Bread for the World and updated to current events)!  The Families First Coronavirus Response Act created the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program (P-EBT), providing an EBT card to families, who lost access to free or reduced-price meals at schools.  However, this was a one-time amount, ending when the school year ends!  Please ask members of Congress to extend the program through the summer, so kids can get the nutritious food they need, to grow and thrive!

Although a hand-written letter to Congress is still a very effective tool, current circumstances may make it much easier for us to participate in the Offering of Letters through email.  Go to this link, on-line, and you will be able to write a letter to your Senators and Representative.

I would appreciate hearing from you about your experiences with letter writing!  Send questions, comments, or stories to rvschaunel@aol.com.

Schaunel Steinnagel