Teachers’ Teammates School Supply Drive

Consider starting off the New Year by helping Teachers’ Teammates
with their second term school supply drive!

As all of us know from having children/grandchildren or from reading the newspaper or watching TV, learning either in-person or hybrid or fully virtually has had many challenges during the era of covid-19. One of the challenges for teachers in some schools in Delaware County has been not having adequate school supplies for their children. This is something the Mission Awareness Committee felt APC members and friends would be willing to help with by joining Teachers’ Teammates, one of our ongoing APC mission giving opportunities, to help gather second term school supplies.

Please look around your house or purchase some of the items listed on the flyer to help teachers be sure that the children in their classes have what they need to learn well. APC members have the option of leaving items in our church officewe will be sure that Raelyn gets them! (Another idea: share the flyer with neighbors/extended family in case they might also want to help).

What a wonderful way to keep Christmas love alive in 2021!