Easter Gifts for Ardmore Food Pantry Guests

The Ardmore Food Pantry will be distributing $25 gift cards for Easter (as they did for Thanksgiving and Christmas this past year due to Covid restrictions). You can help by donating Giant, Acme, or Trader Joe’s $25 gift cards. You can leave the gift cards with Kaitlyn at the APC church office or drop them off at the St. Mary’s Episcopal church office front door through the mail slot at any time. The cards will be distributed to guests on Monday, March 29th.


Reminder: ALWAYS NEEDED are brown paper grocery bags with handles. On Monday, March 8th, 80 guests picked up food bags from the cupboard. Over 160+ bags are needed for just this one distribution.


If you have any questions regarding our partnership with the Ardmore Food Pantry, please contact Joanne Poorman (cell: 610-547-7313).