Our pastor is on Sabbatical from the day after Easter until July 23rd.  He will be exploring the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and participating in an archaeological dig in Israel.

Call the church office first if you have any questions or concerns?

Business Manager, Walter Haenn x114

Church Administrator, Raelyn Harman x101

Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Gerry Gaugler x115

Director of Music Ministry, Gary Garletts x102

Director of Preschool, Michelle Butera x103

Preschool Administrator and Church Secretary, Pearlie Diesinger x104

Who will be doing pastoral care when Pastor James is on sabbatical?

Rev. Sturgis Poorman will be handling hospital visits, emergency pastoral care, and funerals.  He can be contacted at 610-547-2330 or sspjrp@yahoo.com.

Who will be handling administration while Pastor James is gone?

Rev. Mike Pulsifer will be acting as our elder statesman, keeping a steady hand on the helm.  He can be reached at 201-400-5546 or mikepulsifer@comcast.net.

Who will be preaching while Pastor James is away?

Rev. Poorman and Rev. Pulsifer will be helping lead worship during the sabbatical, but they aren’t the only ones. Considering our theme of Reformation, we will be employing the “priesthood of all believers.” Leaders and members of the congregation will also be preaching from the pulpit.  Rev. Graham Robinson who has taught preaching in seminaries will be coaching our members.

How can we follow Pastor James while he is on Sabbatical?

Check out these sites:

Website: mainlinepastor.com

Twitter:  @mainlinepastor

Instagram:  instagram.com/mainlinepastor

Facebook:  facebook.com/james.hodsden.