Pre-marital Workshop

work1¬†We believe it is important to plan as much for your marriage as you do for your wedding. We want to help you to build a strong and healthy marriage. To help you begin your life together, we provide a Marriage Workshop on four Saturdays throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. You will be scheduled to attend one of these workshops with other couples preparing for their wedding at APC. At least two weeks prior to the workshop, you will each take a Prepare and Enrich inventory online. The inventory is designed to help you better understand yourself, your partner and your relationship. The workshop leader will guide you in affirming the areas of strength in your relationship and identifying and building skills in the areas of growth. You will also have an opportunity to meet and get to know your mentor couple at the workshop (more info on “Mentor Couples“).


We also provide follow-up workshops. This is a structured program for couples after six months of marriage and offers an opportunity to continue to strengthen your relationship skills.