Flowers, Decorations and Other Worship Aides

flower arrangement from Allen wdg 12312016 IMG_4888We recommend the use of a professional florist, rather than family and friends decorating the Sanctuary/Chapel.The amount of time involved and the amount of materials needed are often difficult for nonprofessionals to anticipate. As a result, important details may be overlooked, which can create undue stress on you, your family and our staff during one of the most important days in your life.

All floral or other decorative arrangements must be approved by the wedding coordinator. No decorations may be used that obscure the cross. Chancel furnishing may not be moved or rearranged without permission. Floral arrangements must have bases that will protect our carpeting and furnishings from moisture, dirt or other damage. No tacks, nails, or tape may be used to attach decorative items. Ribbons, rubber bands and pipe cleaners may be used to attach arrangements to the pews and candelabra.flowers1

The florist is responsible for cleaning up debris from floral or decorative arrangements. Any apparatus brought in by the florist must be removed immediately following the ceremony. Our staff will dispose of any items left after the wedding. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to give this policy to the florist in advance of the wedding.