Weddings at Ardmore Presbyterian Church


As a congregation, we are delighted to share in the joy of this wonderful occasion.  We know that wedding ceremonies can be held in any setting, but the choice to have yours in our Sanctuary or Chapel has some distinct implications.  A wedding at Ardmore Presbyterian Church is a worship service.  A bride and groom pledge themselves to one another in the presence of God.  A wedding is the beginning of new life together.  Our emphasis is not simply on the ceremony, but also on the life that follows for the husband and wife.  Finally, a wedding is an act of community.  Both clergy and laity at APC are involved in preparing the bride and groom for the lifetime commitment of marriage.

These wedding policies and procedures were developed with these ideas in mind.  Please read all of them carefully.  Your decision to schedule your wedding at APC implies that you understand them and will abide by them.

If you are interested in having your wedding at A.P.C., please fill out Part One of the Wedding Application, or contact our Wedding Facilitator at to answer your questions.