Welcome Home Kits, a program of The Welcome Church, are a shower of new housing items, presented to a person who is moving from homelessness to housing. Welcome Home Kits

provide people with the basics for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and they also remind the recipients that there are still people who care about them, even as they move into a new place in the community! The Welcome Church tends to deliver approximately one Welcome Home Kit per month, and in 2017, we saw 17 Welcome Home Kits completed! Please help Ardmore

Presbyterian Church collect all of the items for a Welcome Home Kit, in May 2018.

 The items needed for a Welcome Home Kit are:

Dishes: set of 4-8, including glasses

Utensils: set of 4-8

Pots/pans: 2 frying pans, 2 pots, 1 soup pot

Dish towels/dish cloths

Bath towels/wash cloths (4 each)

Pillows: 2 (new)

Bed linens (queen size): 2 sets (fitted & flat) + 1 blanket


Shower curtain/liner

Bathroom accessories

Waste baskets: 2 & 1 garbage pail

Ice cube trays: 2

Plastic food storage containers