“The Wind-Up”, June 24 during and after worship


Sunday, June 24, 2018, In and After Worship

 We will ‘Wind Up’ the 2017-2018 program year in worship by honoring High School graduates and recognizing the Sunday School teachers and the folks who have worked with our children and youth throughout the year. We will thank the children and youth for their participation in Sunday School, Wednesday PLUS and the Cherub, Children’s and Youth Choirs. We will give special thanks for Gerry Gaugler and his successful third year at APC.

After church, we will have light refreshments, Beach Party games for the kids and social time for the adults.

RSVP on the friendship pad or email the office at admin@ardmorepres.org.

Questions to: Peggy Shaver at peggy.shaver@gmail.com or 610-642-7705 or

Gerry Gaugler at gerrygaugler@ardmorepres.org