Recent Deacons’ Doings – January 2015

Deacons’ mission: It is the duty of deacons to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in need both within and beyond the community of faith.

A few of the ways APC Deacons are helping to show Christ’s love. . .

Deacons and other APC members and youth (some decked in Santa hats) went Christmas Caroling at Rosemont Presbyterian Village and the Quadrangle. This year we divided into groups and caroled in the dining rooms while residents ate. This worked out well as residents sang along with us and it was easier for us to move about and chat with the residents. At Rosemont it was a delight to get to see APC members Dot Lampe and Ralph & Marion Miller who promptly started introducing us to all their friends. Residents also loved seeing the little ones who were with us (Lena and Essie Shih and Mary Vicki). There were tears of joy in some of our eyes and the resident’s eyes as we said goodbye. Our thanks go out to Deacon Anna Poorman for coordinating this ministry.

Visitation of APC members who are no longer able to get out to worship is one of APC’s priorities. If you feel a leading to help with this, please come to the next Visitation Team meeting on Sunday, February 8 beginning at 9:00 am in the Board Room. There is usually a short time of training, a time to share things we have learned from our visits and time to learn from one another. For more information contact Sturge or Joanne Poorman (610-525-5023).

Ministry continues each Thursday at Calvin Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia (just 15 minutes from APC) as volunteers under the leadership of Chef James Mitchell make and serve lunch to folks from the neighborhood around Calvin PC. If you enjoy putting meals together and chatting with folks, consider coming along on a Thursday. Volunteers meet at APC at 10:15 am and Deacon John Abrams (610-527-4319) drives us to Calvin. Another way to help is by contributing gently used clothing – of special need right now are winter items to help against the cold. These items can be left in the church office.

If you have time to do volunteer work and if you enjoy books, consider helping Deacon Connie Hoelscher (610-642-5812) update and establish libraries for schools in Philadelphia through WePAC.

Deacons’ meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the 2nd floor bulletin board behind the elevator for those in the church family who would like to read them.