Luke, the narrator, creates a diary of the group’s adventures.

Photos from our recent Children’s and Youth Musical, Paul & Co. by John Horman, Feb. 12, 2017





Timothy, Paul and Silas debate where to go, as the ensemble sings “Yes, the Spirit says, No“.







In a vision, the trio sees people from Macedonia asking them to come tell them about God.

Paul awakens, concluding they should go to Macedonia.

Luke explains the route Paul and his companions took to Philippi.

Jews from Philippi gather outside the city, worshiping near the “river”.

Ensemble sings “Psalm 67.” (Let the people praise you)

“Psalm 67” (. . . and all the earth shall follow in your way)

“Psalm 67” (Let the people praise you)

“Psalm 67” (. . . may others know of your goodness and love)

“Psalm 67” (Let the people praise you)

Lydia sings “A seller of purple am I.

Paul and Lydia sing “You are my child, most dear.”