Job Opening for Pre-Med Hospice Program Partner

Ardmore Presbyterian Pre-Med Hospice Program

Job Title:  Pre-Med Hospice Program Partner

Purpose:  To advance the mission of the Pre-Med Hospice Program.



To reach out to Pre-Med Hospice Partners including professional health advisers, chaplains, hosts, and Hospice providers to help determine unmet needs and assess the health of the Pre-Med Hospice relationships.


To augment the admission process for Pre-Med students into the Pre-Med Hospice Program.

To help insure clear communications and transmission of information between undergraduate students, Hospices, and professional health advisers.

Remuneration: $3000 for 150 hours of work to be completed in 2017 in four disbursement of $750 at the end of March, April, August, and September.

Payment to be issued from the Ardmore Presbyterian Church.

Training, direction, and administrative details to be delineated by Rev. Graham S. Robinson, Director; Pre-Med Hospice Program.

Employment Guidelines:  Conduct will be in accord with the Philadelphia Presbytery employment practices as well as federal and state employment practices, and Ardmore Presbyterian Church Personnel Policies.  Payment to be issued from the Ardmore Presbyterian Church.

Termination:  If either party wishes to terminate this agreement (except for cause) at a time other than December 31, 2017, it must provide the other party with written notice and at least 4 weeks prior to termination.