Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything, a class developed by Tim Keller

Last week, in the Adult Sunday Morning Class studying the Tim Keller series, ‘Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything’, we discussed how we build Community and what Christian Community can do for us that nothing else can.  This Sunday, we will continue the theme of Gospel and Community in the next session  of the series, entitled ‘Witness; an Alternative City’.  As in all the sessions, it will start with a brief bible study, this week on Acts 2: 42 – 47, which describes the early church, its growth through fellowship, service to each other, and worship.  We will consider how we witness as a community to grow in the community and in the world.  In this session, Keller argues that “the world must see in our community what life can be in all its beauty under the kingship of Jesus Christ”, community which only the gospel enables us to build.

The group will meet at 8:45 AM in the Mill Creek Room and will end at 9:45, in time for the worship service at 10 AM. These sessions do build on each other, but each one also has it’s own message, so come when you are in town.  All are welcome.  Hope to see you this Sunday.


God Bless,


Cathie Calkins