FIRST PLACE UPDATE – January 17, 2018

Fundraising in support of Ardmore Presbyterian’s transitional home for refugees, called “First Place,” was very encouraging during the month of December. An anonymous local donor had promised to match up to $1,500 in gifts for this mission. Our Ardmore community responded with $1,713 in donations over the last three weeks of the month. Since $1,500 of that was matched, the total of donations from local donors came to $3,213. In addition to these gifts, another $7,000 came in from outside sources. Thus, by God’s grace, $10,213 — nearly 50% of First Place’s 2018 operating budget came in during the month of December 2017.

Meanwhile, First Place was the home of three different men during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Our most recent resident, Arman, has been welcomed into permanent residence at the home of Helen and Craig Standen in Radnor. He will pay only a modest rent there and will be able to attend Radnor High School. As Arman is 18 years old, the Bethany Refugee Resettlement Agency will expect him to work part time on weekends to have enough money for rent and personal needs.

Now that Arman has left for his new home, First Place is being prepared for our next guests, whomever they may be. We usually get only a few days’ notice, but we trust that our God who has provided for us — and 28 refugees — in 2017 will certainly provide again in 2018.

Sturge Poorman, First Place Coordinator