FIRST PLACE UPDATE – Feb. 14, 2018

There has been a lot of action around First Place over the past week. On February 9th, we received two new guests who had just recently been granted refugee status through the asylum process. Mamadou (38) is from the West African country of Guinea and Marcos (21) is from El Salvador. Marcos was actually at worship with us last Sunday. An additional man, Oriol (from Haiti) will be arriving on February 24th. Mamadou and Oriol will be staying until at least March 9th while more permanent housing is being arranged for them. Marcos will be leaving on Friday February 16th. Our First Pace Task Force, composed of folks from our church as well as from other churches in the Ardmore area, has been providing for their welcome to Ardmore. Though our guests are with us for just a short time, it is still a privilege to show them the hospitality that Jesus would have us show.

Sturgis Poorman, First Place Coordinator