We have credible weather reports that the snow might be as much as a foot this weekend, and our speaker is graciously willing to come at a time when snow will not impact our schedule.

As a result, we are rescheduling this weekend’s event. There will be no activities related to the SER this weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The good news is that you will have an opportunity to hear Rev. Dennis Dewey again. He will be joining us on April 23 and 24 to share the biblical story. For the first time ever, we will have a spring SER.

8th Annual Spiritual Enrichment Retreat (SER)
Save the Date: April 23—24, 2016
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Before there was an ink-and-paper bible there were breath-and-sound stories. Scholarship is beginning to discover that “biblical cultures” experienced the scriptures not as writing but as performance. Because our post-literate culture is secondarily oral, the ancient oral storytelling traditions of the early church and of the people of Israel provide us with rediscovered models for preaching, teaching and spiritual nurture.

Tphoto for SER promo 2016his retreat is meant for anyone who is interested in the Bible and storytelling (that is, pretty much everyone). It is designed to provide an engaging and informative experience of the power of biblical storytelling as well as an exploration of the oral culture (and its spirituality) from which the Bible came to be. The retreat also includes a practical component in teaching techniques for “internalizing” the stories of scripture and giving them lively expression, for doing exegesis “from the inside out.” Participants will be encouraged to begin to learn a story by heart and find connections with their life stories.
Saturday morning’s session is entitled “Why Jesus Never Wrote a Book: An Interactive Presentation on the Bible’s Oral Culture.” Saturday afternoon will focus on practical skills and is called “Off the Page, Into the Heart, Out of the Mouth: Learning by Heart and Telling with Energy, Imagination, Intelligence and Love.” We follow up on Sunday morning with “If It Was Good Enough for Jesus . . . An Exploration of the Spirituality of Oral Culture” and what that means for us as people living in a post-literate world.

A good time, a learning experience and an inspiration are guaranteed!

Dennis Dewey is a Master Biblical Storyteller who describes his work as “helping people hear the biblical stories again for the first time.” He has performed and lectured all over the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and Israel/Palestine and South Africa. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), he has engaged in this ecumenical ministry of storytelling since 1992. Among hundreds of his venues have been the National Storytelling Festival, Princeton TheologDennis Dewey 2ical Seminary’s Institute of Theology, the Joseph Campbell Festival, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Lutheran National Youth Triennium and national television appearances. You can learn more about his ministry at