At the baptism of our children, we declare that they belong to God.  We also promise that we will raise them in faith.  In time, we pray that they themselves would affirm the covenant made at their baptism.  For the Ardmore Presbyterian Church, confirmation is an important step in that process.

However, confirmation is not the end but another beginning.  It is tragic when a youth who takes the time and effort to learn about the faith disappears shortly after affirming his or her faith before the congregation.  Our prayer is that each youth will continue praying, reading scripture, worshipping, serving, and asking questions long after the classes are over.

The confirmation process is a full one, requiring commitment on the part of every young person and family. However, we do not want it to become overly burdensome. As a result, we would suggest for your family to incorporate the requirements within your regular patterns of worship and life.


Lord’s Day Service Attendance. We will be expecting all the confirmands to attend Sunday worship during the time of the classes. They will also be filling out a reflection sheet during worship to be discussed during the next Confirmation Class.

Brief Statement of Faith. This statement is one of the confessions of the Presbyterian Church USA. It is short, around 630 words long. As a devotional time, the confirmands will be reading it at home once a week for the course of the class.

Private Prayer. We expect that the confirmands will take time for prayer at least five times a week. Some might do this before going to bed. Others may want to pray in the morning. The schedule and length of the prayer time is the choice of the confirmand.

Family Prayer. We are asking families to share a prayer before shared meals during the course of the class.

STUDYconfirmation 2

Sunday Morning Classes. Classes begin at 9 am on Sunday morning. Attendance is required unless there is an illness. If necessary, we will reschedule any classes that are missed.

Memory Work. Committing Scriptures and other resources to memory is a way to internalize the wonderful promises of God. The list is not long, and the items should be familiar to those who have attended church regularly.

Gospel of Luke. All the confirmands will be reading the Gospel of Luke at home chapter by chapter. After reading each chapter, the confirmand will write down a sentence, a question or some key points in a journal.

SERVICEconfirmation 3

Mission Project. Again this year, we will participate in four service projects on Sunday evenings at the Welcome Church and West Kensington Ministry in inner-city Philadelphia. We will be using the experience of the group as we discuss the role of service in the life of a believer. If someone is unable to attend, we will be happy to discuss other possible projects.


confirmation 4Sponsors. Each confirmand will receive a sponsor who will be supporting him or her throughout the process. The sponsor will welcome the confirmands in worship and be praying for them.

The sponsors can provide accountability for the course requirements and help answer questions for the confirmand.

Retreat and Faith Impact Statement. We are asking the confirmands to write a brief statement about how their faith speaks to an important area of their lives. This statement will be finalized at a weekend retreat. An alternative to the assignment such as the creation of a piece of art, a Power Point Presentation or even a performance can be discussed.

Examination by the Elders. At the end of the process, the elders will examine the confirmands. Questions will be asked about their work and their faith. Our desire is that the confirmands will also examine the elders. Dialogue is always an opportunity to learn.