Ardmore Presbyterian Church’s relationship with the Ardmore Food Pantry, housed at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, is going well.  It is exciting to walk into the Parish Hall on a Monday morning and see tables full of fresh produce and rolling food racks filled with staple items.  Outside folks from the community gather under the trees waiting for the doors to open.  While there on the morning of July 2nd delivering produce from APC’s James Young Memorial Garden, I saw items from Trader Joe’s being unloaded, including bouquets of flowers.

Staple food donations to the AFP drop off some during the summer months due to regular donors being away on vacations.  The Mission Committee has put baskets in the church entry and we welcome any staple food items that you’d like to bring with you to worship.  For your information, June 11th 66 guests were served and 69 guests were served on June 18th. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, volunteers are welcome to help in a variety of ways at the Ardmore Food Pantry.  You can sign-up on the St. Mary’s website ( or you can talk with Joanne Poorman.  Another way to help would be to come to worship on Sundays wearing “garden clothes” and spend maybe 30 minutes weeding and/or helping to harvest our garden. This year our garden produce will be taken each week to the AFP.

Joanne Poorman for the Mission Awareness Committee