9378026Following the pattern of the Phillies, the APC church softball team is concentrating on acquiring some younger players.  This, after the sabermetrics office announced that the median age of our team last year was 56!  As a result we are putting out an appeal to our church family to come up with 10 more players in the age range of 14-39.  They don’t even have to be church members!  We may even explore the free agent market by contacting members of neighboring churches.  Our first game is Sunday April 24th.  After that we will play every Sunday afternoon through May, June, and July. (With the exceptions of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Sunday, Father’s Day, and Sunday July 3.).  We are asking all players this year to tell us exactly which games they will be able to get to (even if it’s only one or two).  Remember, everyone who comes to play on a given Sunday afternoon will be put in the line-up.  This year will be the year of the “New-Look” APC softball team.  Like the Phillies, we will not win the pennant, but, unlike the Phillies, we will be having fun!

Sturge Poorman

General Manager

610-547-2330 (text and phone)   sspjrp@yahoo.com